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Sole Education Week 9: Goals Beyond Graduation

By Saf-Gard

Sole Education Week 9: Goals Beyond Graduation
When it comes to taking the next steps in your career after completing your program or getting your degree - it's always good to have a general idea of the direction that you want to go in. Let's check out what Mikayla's goals are:

Goals Beyond Graduation

Working as an intern at several companies has given me a lot of perspective on what it takes to be a successful engineer. Because of my job experience, I can now look forward to my engineering-based classes at school so I can apply what I learn at a university to my job after I graduate. Interns have ahigher chance of being hired after they graduate from college, this is because while working they made the contacts necessary to get their foot into the door for their first full-time job.
Here is a machining invention of mine. This was a Rivet Adjuster that increased quality efficiency in manufacturing at my previous internship. Because I was only an intern with no degree, I could not patent it as my own.
Thankfully, I have been offered jobs from both of the companies I have interned for, so my future looks bright as far as my career is concerned. However, my dreams do not just involve advancing my career in technology. My career will be able to offer me to travel to different countries and explore different cultures. Volvo Trucks has facilities in Sweden, Germany, India, Australia, and Brazil; if I work as a Project Engineer at Volvo Trucks, I will be able to travel to all of these countries to negotiate company ideas.Once I graduate, I also want to focus on developing my hobbies so I can have some projects to look forward to when I get home from work.Lately, I have been interested in creating miniature-sized models of different car motors and work replicas of famous engines. With the money I make from work, I can pursue this hobby and many more.Because of my degree and work experience, I will be able to start working fulltime as an engineer-in-training until I complete my Fundamentals in Engineering exam. After taking this and passing, I will need to work another 5 years before I can take my Professional Engineering exam so become a Senior Engineer.By completing my degree and passing these exams, I will be able to certifymy own designs, work as a professional contractor for different companies, and be offered a significant pay raise. I look forward to my future after school, hopefully, my hard work and dedication will pay off in my career.Follow along with our students progress here.Learn more about the Generation T movement here.


  Authored by: Saf-Gard  |  Posted: 10/14/2019