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Corporate Safety Shoe Programs

Corporate shoe programs offer a myriad of benefits to everyone in the company, from employees to management. We make it easy to get started and work with you every step of the way to ensure your satisfaction with the completed safety footwear program.

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What is a corporate shoe program?

Saf-Gard will provide thoughtful service and convenient delivery of company approved safety footwear to your employees. This will help reduce workplace injuries by ensuring that employees are wearing the appropriate safety footwear for their work environment. Saf-Gard will work with you to find out the precise needs of your associates and work environments to customize your safety footwear program around those parameters.

Benefits of a Saf-Gard Corporate Shoe Program

  • Convenient ordering/billing options
  • Great shoe selection from top brands
  • Fantastic customer service

Things to Consider

When setting the framework of your safety footwear program, Saf-Gard will help you address some of the following issues to assist you in create a program that meets your needs.

  • Will safety footwear be mandatory or voluntary?
  • Will certain types of shoes be mandatory?
  • What style limitations will be imposed?
  • How will ordering be handled?
  • How will billing be handled?
  • Will the company offer a subsidy or co-pay for shoes?

Our corporate programs can be tailored for any size company. We have worked with clients that range in size from a single location to thousands of locations. Our industry expertise and wide selection of safety footwear solutions help you create a successful safety shoe program that is tailored to your needs.

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