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Saf-Gard offers a variety of brands including Hytest safety footwear, Wolverine Boots & Shoes, Caterpillar Footwear, Hush Puppies Professionals, Florsheim, Harley-Davidson Footwear, Carolina, Converse, Timberland Pro and several others.

In total, these manufacturers offer over 1000 styles from which Saf-Gard selects the best to offer our customers. Many options are available in every technology for safety footwear including slip-resistant, electrical hazard, waterproof, insulated, industrial safety footware,, SD and composite toe caps. Saf-Gard’s network of manufacturers allows us to access any technology and products you might require.

Saf-Gard is continually looking for creative ways to lower costs and pass the savings onto our customers. Our network of manufacturers gives us the flexibility to “shop around.” The end result is better quality products at a lower price.


Saf-Gard offers customized billing, reporting, and subsidy tracking. In addition we maintain history files for sales in the previous three years. These files include employee name, style, size, price, company location and any other required information. All reports can be supplied in excel format and/or via e-mail.


Saf-Gard is completely dedicated to timely delivery.

  • We stock our trucks with the correct styles. Company wide, nearly 96% of our shoemobile customers find the right shoes on their first visit. Prior to our first visit, we work with you to determine what your employee population is likely to choose. We then specially stock the mobile store to meet these needs. In future visits, we rely on sales history and stock the truck according to experience. Our mobile stores are stocked with approximately 1600-1800 pairs of safety shoes.

  • Special orders are rare, but when they do occur, over 75% are filled within 10 business days and over 90% in 20 business days. If an order cannot be filled within three weeks of the original order, we communicate this directly to your employee. At the time we take a special order, we ask for a phone # where we can reach the customer. We know in one week if an order is not available. At that point, we call and let the customer know the expected delivery date. In addition, we suggest possible alternate styles that are immediately available. This is a proactive communication program that is unique to our industry. Since going to this service plan, we have had great response from our customers who appreciate being kept informed.

Our first goal with delivery is to stock the right shoes and fit people on the truck.

If an order is necessary, then we work to deliver the shoes quickly.

In the rare case where we can’t accomplish these two goals, we communicate with you.