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Saf-Gard operates a fleet of 46 shoemobiles. These stores on wheels offer customers ample room to review our products, interact with mobile store managers, and sit down while they try on new safety footwear. Each shoemobile carries a minimum of 1600 pairs of safety shoes. Additionally, each truck is stocked with the customer's specific needs in mind. We have the following "customer-specific" shoemobile services to assist you:

The " Women's focus " shoemobile carries over 25 styles of women's safety shoes.

The " Met-Guard " shoemobile carries over 50 styles of MG rated safety shoes

The " Composite toe " shoemobile carries over 35 styles of comp. toe safety shoes.

The " ESD " shoemobile carries over 40 styles of ESD rated safety shoes.

The " Waterproof " shoemobile carries over 20 styles of "waterproof" safety shoes.

The " Slip Resistant " shoemobile carries over 50 styles of SR rated safety shoes.

The " Puncture Resistant " shoemobile carries 20 styles of PR rated safety shoes.

We believe it is a privilege to be invited to your work site. When we visit, we will prepare each shoemobile specifically to serve you!