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Sole Education Fall 2019: Pro Tips

By Saf-Gard

Sole Education Fall 2019: Pro Tips

It's always nice to have a career mentor, no matter what field you're in. Let's see what advice and pointers these pros are sharing with our Sole Education students:

Michael: "I am living the dream!"

I have known Steve Antoch for over 25 years and now I work for him. He founded A&L Plumbing in 1998 with the mantra, We believe in providing service, the way it should be. Simple, yet powerful. The meaning of his mantra becomes increasingly evident every hour I spend with Steve in the field. His altruistic approach with customers and employees, his generosity with time, always putting others first, and his consistently veracious nature clearly brings about this mantra.Sole Education: Michael Bilotti When I ask Steve what advice he would give to those getting ready to enter the field of plumbing, he always begins with the same expression, Im living the dream. Ironically, this is usually the same answer I get when I ask him, Hows it going today? It makes me laugh but also shares a valuable lesson. Living the dream is important when choosing your career, and aligning your profession to your own strengths promotes future personal and professional success.We work long hours, sometimes six days a week requiring varying degrees of mental and physical aptitude, but its gratifying. I believe Steves advice is simple: be yourself and treat others as you wish to be treated and good things will happen.I am living the dream!

Riley: DMACC Instructors

In my training at DMACC community college, I have had two great instructors Dave Hansman and Jon Darling to teach me and my fellow classmates everything about the HVAC industry and all that this career field has to offer.They are fantastic teachers, and when I speak with their former students they all say that they are great teachers who tell you the truth about the industry.Sole Education: Riley SchwabThey take us to real jobs at houses and we install equipment for projects. Both my instructors want their students to be able to take the knowledge that they have learned in the classroom and out in the lab and apply once there job so be the best worker they can be. They are just happy to see their former students succeed in the HVAC industry and become great service techs. They also enjoy hearing what we are working on outside of the classroom at our jobs. Follow along with our students progress here. Learn more about the Generation T movement here.


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