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Safety Shoes Don't Just Mean Safety Boots

By Saf-Gard

Safety Shoes Don't Just Mean Safety Boots
Article by Emily BennettOne of the most important things we have to consider when were at work is safety. Its not just our boss job to make sure that the workplace is safe and free of any sort of hazard, but its also our job as employees to make sure that were protecting ourselves and putting our best foot forward (literally).Depending on the line of work that youre in, nowadays its required that safety footwear is worn in the form of a steel toe, composite toe, or alloy toe boots and shoes to make sure that youre protected against any type of probable hazard. Lots of times we find ourselves complaining about our safety boots feeling too bulky, too hot on our feet, or just plain uncomfortable. You may not even like the look of your work safety boots just because you dont like the style. There happens to be a solution to your problem, and trust us, its simpler than you might think...Why not give a pair of safety shoes a try instead? They give you all the protection that safety boots do and they dont resemble your typical safety shoe. Here are our top five safety shoe styles that arent boots.
  • Keens Atlanta Steel Toe Hiker: This classic looking low-cut hiking shoe is one of our most favored non-boot styles. With its Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) component to cut down on excess static electricity coupled with its oil and slip resistant outsole and steel toe protection, youll be just as protected as you would be in your heavy-duty work boots.
  • Skechers Alloy Toe Athletic: In this pair of Skechers you can get the same protection that you get from a safety boot, all while looking sharp on the job. They give you a maximum amount of comfort with their memory-foam insoles, slip-resistant outsoles for messy situations, and are fully decked out in the toe with Aluminum, ready to protect at a moments notice.
  • Timberland PRO Newbury: This popular womens style is a great choice when it comes to a nice looking dress safety shoe. Its built with an alloy toe, made to protect and cut down on excess static electricity with its ESD component, has a slip resistant outsole, and will provide you with maximum comfort throughout the day with its anti-fatigue footbed.
  • Rockport Works Steel Toe Sailing Shoe: This pair of shoes is the farthest thing from your regular looking steel-toed shoe. Not only is it strong looking, but it has a slip-resistant sole to it, protects against any type of electrical hazard, and theyre even decked out with steel in the toe to save your foot if something were to happen.
  • Dr. Martens Steel Toe Oxford: This popular style of Dr. Martens is a mighty fine choice when youre looking for a low-cut oxford style safety shoe. On top of it containing the Dr. Martens Air Cushioned sole, its also slip resistant and is capable of cutting down on excess static electricity with its ESD component.
So whats holding you back from a pair of safety toe shoes now? Go ahead and broaden your horizons the next time you go shopping for a new pair of work shoes. You may just find your new favorite pair.For more information on safety footwear, be sure to check out our website

Categories: Featured  |  Authored by: Saf-Gard  |  Posted: 04/02/2018