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Men's Waterproof

Water proves to be one of the most unsung hazards in the workplace, with the ability to diminish safety and comfort. Our waterproof boots work to combat the dangers and discomforts that accompany water with state-of-the-art waterproof technology and years of experience in repelling it. Waterproof shoes are important not just for the mountaineers among us, but also for those who work in a restaurant, manufacturing or cold storage facility, outdoor environments or any other place where water abounds. Browse our waterproof boots and experience the perfect blend between safety and performance.

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Timberland PRO TM47001 Brown/Black, Men's, Steel Toe, EH, 6 Inch Work Boot Timberland PRO PowerWelt 6 Inch Steel Toe Boot Style TM47001 $159.99 Timberland PRO TM92615 Boondock, Men's, Brown, Comp Toe, EH, 6 Inch Boot Timberland PRO Boondock Men's 6 Inch Comp EH Toe Boot Style TM92615 $189.99 Wolverine WW2406 Darco Men's Brown, Steel Toe, EH, Internal Met Guard Wolverine Men's Darco Steel Toe EH Mt 6 Inch Boot Style WW2406 $159.99 Wolverine WW10924 Rancher, Men's, Steel Toe, EH, Met Guard, WP, Pull On Wolverine Men's Steel Toe EH Met Guard WP Boot Style WW10924 $144.99 HYTEST 13750 Men's Black, Steel Toe, EH, Waterproof Hiker HYTEST Men's Steel Toe EH Waterproof Hiker Style 13750 $104.99 HYTEST 12009 Brown Electrical Hazard, Steel Toe, Waterproof Men's Hiker HYTEST Brown Hiker Men's Steel Toe Style 12009 Closeout Sizes
  • 10 available — 13.0 W
  • 10 available — 13.0 M
  • 55 available — 12.0 W
  • 14 available — 12.0 M
  • 21 available — 11.5 W
  •  5 available — 11.5 M
  • 35 available — 11.0 W
  •  6 available — 11.0 M
  • 24 available — 10.5 W
  • 27 available — 10.5 M
  • 33 available — 10.0 W
  • 50 available — 10.0 M
  • 29 available — 09.5 W
  •  7 available — 09.5 M
  • 15 available — 09.0 W
  • 13 available — 09.0 M
  •  5 available — 08.5 M
  •  7 available — 08.0 W
  •  6 available — 07.5 M
HYTEST FootRests 2.0 22471 XERGY, Men's, Brown, Nano Toe, EH, WP Hiker FootRests 2.0 Men's XERGY Waterproof 6 Inch Hiker Style 22471 $164.99 Justin JUWK4570 Keavon, Men's, Brown, Steel Toe, EH, Mt, WP Pull On Justin Men's Steel Toe EH Mt WP Pull On Style JUWK4570 $164.99 Reebok WGRB4555 Black Comp Toe, EH, Waterproof Men's Sport Hiker Reebok Tiahawk Comp Toe Waterproof Black Men's Hiker Style WGRB4555 $114.99 Timberland PRO STMA1V48 6IN Direct Attach Men's, Wheat, Soft Toe, Slip Resistant, WP Boot Timberland PRO 6IN Direct Attach Men's Soft Toe Boot Style STMA1V48 $129.99 Merrell MLJ11617 Moab Vertex, Men's, Clay, Comp Toe, EH, WP Hiker Merrell Men's Comp Toe EH WP Hiker Style MLJ11617 $154.99 Reebok WGRB4144 Sublite Work, Men's, Black, Comp Toe, EH, Mid-height Reebok Men's Comp Toe EH Mid-height Athletic Style WGRB4144 $119.99 HYTEST 13570 Men's, Black, Comp Toe, EH, WP, Molded Foot, 6 Inch Boot HYTEST Men's Comp Toe EH WP 6 Inch Boot Style 13570 $134.99 Timberland PRO STMA1WDJ Men's, Wheat, Steel Toe, EH, Slip Resistant, WP, 8 Inch Timberland PRO 8IN Direct Attach Men's Steel Toe Boot Style STMA1WDJ $142.99 Bates BA2272 Black Composite Toe, Electrical Hazard, Side Zip, Waterproof, Men's Gore-Tex, 8 Inch Boot Bates Black 8 Inch Comp Toe Gore-Tex Boot Men's Style BA2272 $189.99 Wolverine WW5698 SwampMonster Brown, Steel Toe, EH, Waterproof Men's 6 Inch Work Boot Wolverine SwampMonster Steel Toe Waterproof Boot Style WW5698 $129.99 SR Max SRM8200 Seward, Unisex, Black, Steel Toe, EH, Waterproof, Slip Resistant 16 Inch PVC Work Boot SR Max Seward Unisex PVC Steel Toe EH Waterproof Slip Resistant 16 Inch Work Boot Style SRM8200 $64.99 Ariat 1200 Workhog Men's Distressed Brown Slip Resistant Composite Toe Waterproof Wellington Ariat 1200 Workhog Composite Toe Wellington Style AR1200 $194.99 KEEN Utility KN1007024 Pittsburgh Bison Steel Toe, EH, Waterproof, Men's Hiker KEEN Utility Pittsburgh Men's Steel Toe EH Hiker Style KN1007024 $184.99 Wolverine WW5680 McKay, Men's, Brown, Steel Toe, EH, Mt, WP, 8 Inch Boot Wolverine Men's Steel Toe EH Mt WP 8 Inch Style WW5680 $154.99 SR Max SRM9150 Lewiston, Men's, Black, Comp Toe, EH, Waterproof, Slip Resistant 6 Inch Work Boot SR Max Lewiston Men's Comp Toe EH Waterproof Slip Resistant 6 Inch Work Boot Style SRM9150 $124.99 Timberland PRO TM89652 Brown, Men's, Excave Waterproof Membrane,Steel Toe, EH, Internal Met Guard Wellington Timberland PRO Excave Steel Toe Wellington Style TM89652 $184.99 Wolverine WW10942 Warrior, Men's, Dark Coffee, Comp Toe, EH, Mt, WP Hiker Wolverine Men's Comp Toe EH Mt WP Hiker Style WW10942 $199.99 Iron Age WGIA9650 Brown/Black Comp Toe EH, Waterproof Men's Boot Iron Age Rubber/Leather Waterproof Safety Toe Men's Style WGIA9650 $134.99