Sole Education Week 6: Passion Project

Having a passion in life is great, having one associated with your career or profession: even better!

Let’s learn about Mikayla’s passions, and what she’s doing to reach her goals!

As I become more involved in engineering, I use the skills I acquire from my internships to develop ideas for projects of my own.  For example, I enjoy researching additive manufacturing, and the capabilities of advanced 3D printing.

A passion project of mine would involve taking 3D printing to the next level: making custom prosthetics for amputees, or 3D printing working organs. 3D printers are considered revolutionary in the world of technology because they allow for innovation, invention, rapid prototyping, and cost-effective manufacturing.

Sole Education - Passion Project
Here is a photo of my female colleagues and I standing in front of some Volvo Trucks. I got to work on a ton of amazing projects with them!

The phrase, “cost you an arm and a leg” becomes quite literal when making and buying prosthetics for amputees.

For example, the price of a new prosthetic leg can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000 depending on the material used, and if you want the prosthetic to last, you will most likely end up spending upwards of $50,000.

Even if you spend that much on a prosthetic leg, the warranty still only lasts from 3 to 5 years at most. With 3D printing, however, that price can go down to as little as $500 due to more cost-effective manufacturing methods.

Through mechanical engineering, I want to become involved with a foundation that invests in the advancement in 3D printing for prosthetics. As an engineer, I am always looking forward to a future where technology is more accessible and affordable to everyone.

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