Sole Education Week 7: Tips From A Pro

When you begin any career pathway, it’s nice to have mentors and professionals to look up to and seek advice from. This week, we asked Mikayla to get some words of wisdom from her boss and mentor, Roopa. Read on to see what advice Roopa has for mechanical engineering.

Tips from a Pro

My boss at Volvo Trucks, Roopa Shenoy, has encountered many obstacles and Sole Education : Tips from a Prohardships on her professional journey. At the age of 16, she moved to the US to pursue her studies in becoming an electrical engineer and an entrepreneur; she earned her bachelor’s in electrical engineering, her MBA, and went to work for Intel in New York City. She is the most fearless leader I have ever worked for, and I am proud to be working with her.

Whenever I feel unsure about my work or myself, I can always count on her to give me worthy advice. When I asked her, “What is your strategy for surviving to cooperate life and the hardships of being a female engineer?” she had a perfect answer. She replied with, “Always be true to yourself and be willing to accept any challenge that you land in front of. In my life, I faced many hardships in order to get to the place I am at today. Always come to work like it is your first day on the job ready to impress your boss with your outstanding work ethic, and don’t waste time feeling sorry for yourself.” Roopa arrives to work every day with a fearless attitude and admires the workers that do the

As a female engineer, she encourages other women to challenge themselves more than men. She is always coming up with new and amazing ideas for Volvo, as well as her app, Kryptic. I hope to continue working with her in the future.

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