Shoe Shank Redemption

Article by Emily Bennett

Lots of times, people will walk into our stores telling us that they need to buy a pair of safety shoes with a “shank” in them for work. They won’t have any idea as to what this safety piece is until we pull a pair of work boots for them and point it out.

You see, a shank piece isn’t something that people notice right off the bat. It’s actually in the shoe itself. It’s an unseen blessing to your toes, providing support and protection all day, every day.

So you’re probably wondering what a shank really is now that we’ve gotten you to think about it.

A shoe shank is a flat piece of material about the size of a stick of chewing gum. It’s situated between the heel and ball area of your foot right below the arch. It can be made from a number of materials including fiberglass, plastic, steel or even Kevlar.

Why’s it there? Simple. You need extra support and protection to the arch area of your shoe whether that be from standing on a ladder for hours on end to walking the construction site, to even working on a railroad ballast.

The perks of these tiny foot-savers can be life-changing. They provide you with:

  • protection
  • reduce injury from the puncturing of sharp objects
  • give a bunch of love to your paws with comfort, support and balance to your overworked arches.

They’re even more flexible than you might’ve been thinking since they move with your feet and are lighter in weight, meaning that they won’t weigh your work safety shoes down.

To sum it all up, shanks in your work shoes aren’t only a great investment, they also grant your hooves hours of protection and support. And as always remember, the best form of protection is prevention, and shanks in your work shoes anticipate and prevent.

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